About Lymphafrica

Lymphafrica.net was the brainchild of Dr Wim de Klerk, owner of Medis (Pty) Ltd, a distributor of compression therapy products in South Africa. Dr de Klerk first had the idea for a Lymphoedema focused website in 2011 when Lymphoedema Therapy was still in its infancy in South Africa.

During this period, he worked alongside a group of Lymphoedema Therapists to establish an organisation for the lymphoedema therapists of South Africa and in 2012 they became the founding members of the Lymphoedema Association of South Africa or LAOSA.

The lymphafrica.net website was then offered as a temporary home for LAOSA, until the organization would able to establish its own website. LAOSA by 2014 established their own website after which Lymphafrica.net became an affiliate website of Medis (Pty) Ltd.

Lymphafrica.net was to be a space for patients where information was freely available. The condition was explained in simple terms so that sufferers could be educated on the signs and symptoms and the possible treatments available at the time. It also had a handy “Where to find a therapist” sections where patients could find a therapist close to home. The website was not utilized for marketing purposes at all at this stage.

Today Lymphafrica.net has much the same approach as before accept that it now belongs to Medis (Pty) Ltd only and therefor can be used to share the different products available for lymphoedema therapy. As a specialist supplier of compression therapy products, Medis has for the past 26 years been able to source only the best products for lymphoedema patients in South Africa!