Comfiwave Sleeve with Mitten

Comfiwave Sleeve with Mitten

Product Codes:


H-CW1-AH2R-01   (Small)

H-CW1-AH3R-02   (Medium)

H-CW1-AH4R-03   (Large)

Pack Size: 1 Unit

Comfiwave Sleeve with Mitten

More than just a night-time garment…

Comfiwave is a patented compression garment that is safe to wear while resting and helps to maintain the results acquired during day-time treatment.

Easy donning and doffing gives Comfiwave an innovative versatility; providing both night-time compression and a comfortable solution when resting in the daytime.

Compression: Class 1 / 15 – 21 mmHg


•  Comfiwave Sleeve with Mitten complement and maintains the treatment that a Lymphoedema patient receives during the day.


Patented, high-elastic knit makes Comfiwave easy to put on and take off

100% cotton against the skin and seamless design ensures maximum comfort

Comfiwave’s wave patterning gives it high air permeability for coolness and stretch

Can be used in palliative care

May be worn under Easywrap or bandaging

Can be worn day and night


Small   (01)

Medium   (02)

Large   (03)

Material: 100% Cotton against the skin