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Africa’s first website dedicated to the chronic oedema patient and therapist.

Chronic oedema presents itself at any age, mostly secondary to lymphatic and venous disease. How do we support the patient to a better quality of life? How do we bring the patient as close as possible to normality? This website focuses on the therapeutic options available to patients and therapists.


The therapist will diagnose, examine the patient and start intensive therapy to reduce swelling. The therapist will normally do manual lymph drainage (MLD) using both hands and/or use intermittent compression therapy (machine) to reduce the oedema as much as possible. MLD is then followed by bandaging of the limb to retain that which has been achieved and even further reduce swelling. This therapy will be repeated daily or as therapist finds suitable, until the circumference remains stable and no further reduction is achieved …  [READ MORE]



You have been diagnosed with lymphoedema and now what! Or perhaps you s imply have swollen limbs or a swollen limb and you wonder – Is this what they mean by the dreaded condition, lymphoedema? The truth is, that the term lymphoedema is often misused by physicians, for many conditions presenting with swelling. So, beware! Do not label yourself by jumping to conclusions! No wonder the ICC conference 2017(Amsterdam) called for the term lymphoedema to be replaced by “chronic oedema”!

In theory, lymphoedema is a permanent obstructive disease of the lymphatics.

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