EasyWrap Anti-Microbial Liner Thigh High / Ag-liner

Product Codes:

H-E-L-AG   Regular

H-E-L-AGW   Extra Wide

Pack Size: 1 Unit

EasyWrap Thigh High Anti-Microbial Liner


•   Lymphoedema


•   Forms a barrier between the leg and the EasyWrap which absorbs sweat and traps odours, reducing the need to wash the EasyWrap

•   Suitable for use with EasyWrap Foot, Leg and Thigh Garments


Standard   (Fits leg sizes X-Small, Small and Medium)

Extra Wide  (Fits leg sizes Large and X-Large)

*Determine size according to Leg and/or Thigh Wrap Measurements / Sizes)

Colour: Sand


•  93 % Polyamide

•   7% Elastane

with Ionic Silver in Yarn